Artist David Datuna Releasing Special NFT Collection for Charity

David Datuna, or more famously known as “The Hungry Artist,” is releasing a special NFT collection on Rarible to raise money for the Boys & Girls Club. The collection is in collaboration with The Dole Sunshine Company, which funds nutrition-focused initiatives, and brings pop-up farmers markets and nutritious food to cities across the USA.

The NFT collection by Datuna will be a five-part series focused on the intrinsic connection between nutrition and food security. The NFTs will represent people coming together to take a bite out of hunger. 

The fifth and final piece, dubbed ‘Sunshine for All,’ is a pop-art inspired montage of the first four pieces highlighting the importance of closing the gaps to good nutrition for all. This artwork will not only be an NFT but also a physical piece capturing Datuna’s signature lens technique, a layered composition signifying society’s individual viewpoints.

The entire series will be released for sale on May 6, and the fifth piece will be up for auction on May 8th. The NFT will be on display in a gallery in Decentraland while the physical artwork will be placed in a gallery in New York City. 

The money raised from the NFTs will be donated to Boys & Girls Clubs to fund nutrition and hunger-focused programming, including the Sunshine for All TM Cities program. NFT Plazas is proud to be a media partner for the campaign and support Dole in raising funds to bring nutritious food and education into underserved food deserts. 

David Datuna is most widely known for his Viewpoint of Millions series, featuring portraits of Jay-Z, Steve Jobs, Marilyn Monroe and others; and his groundbreaking Viewpoint of Billions series using wearable technology featured at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. He uses multiple mediums for his abstract art to create dynamic and expressive works symbolizing unity, equality, and freedom. 

We invite everyone to join in the fun with my new Hungry Artist NFT collection for Dole Sunshine Company. We are all hungry for real change, which is why it is so important to raise awareness around good nutrition and embrace a brighter future filled with Sunshine For All.” – David Datuna, the Hungry Artist.

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