Could This Be the Real Oldest NFT Project…Ever?

As the continuing debate continues as to which project created the first EVER NFT, there is yet another claim for the prestigious title. Curio Cards, launched on May 9, 2017, is an online art show and permanent gallery featuring 30 unique proto-NFTs from seven different artists. Since their launch on OpenSea, Curio Cards have already hit over 190 ETH in trading volume in a little over 24 hours. 

Because the NFTs are so old, holders need to ‘wrap’ their cards in order to use them on OpenSea. A wrapper was developed to let users take their ERC-20 Curio Cards and wrap them inside an ERC-1155 token contract, for use on modern NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. In other words, wrapping “upgrades” the card by placing it inside a contract which is compatible with OpenSea. Talk about old-skool!

The original plan for Curio Cards was to open it up for anyone to make new card sets and collections, however, due to better modern contract standards for artists, no new cards will ever be released.

The artists who are part of the project are Thoros of Myr, Marisol Vengas, Daniel Friedman, Robek World, CryptoPop, CryptoGraffiti, and Phneep. Check out the artists’ pages and their cards over here.

Follow Curio Cards on Twitter and find out more about the project on their website.

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