CryptoVoxels Releasing $1 Matic Wearables Soon

Great news for all CryptoVoxels users – you’ll soon be able to buy Matic wearables for $1 straight from the CryptoVoxels shop page. Ben and the team is planning to enable this feature some time in the next two weeks.

This is super exciting since users have been waiting for the arrival of these Matic wearables for a while now. Back in February CryptoVoxels announced that it will be integrating the Matic blockchain to its virtual world to curtail the high gas fees of Ethereum. The high gas fees have made digital fashion extremely expensive and prevented many users from personalizing their avatars. 

Before the soaring gas fees on Ethereum, users could design their own fashionable pieces for their avatars and submit them to developers for approval before minting them. However, this had to be suspended due to the high gas fees. We’re happy to confirm this will now be a thing of the past. 

With the integration of the Matic blockchain, CryptoVoxels can bring back digital fashion with full force and also allow creators and designers to mint whatever they want instead of first approving them. 

We’ve been anticipating the release date for a while, so let the countdown to funky punks and skating cyborgs begin!

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