NEW Cryptovoxels Spaces – Build Before You Buy

Until recently it has not been possible to build in Cryptovoxels without already owning land, but with the new “Cryptovoxels Spaces” section, all this has changed. Now anyone can login and try out the land building tools without spending a penny of their hard earned, slowly depreciating, fiat currency.

This automatically lifts a barrier to entry, and is the ideal way to help new users experience just how easy it is to bring their ideas to life in Cryptovoxels with zero money or risk (as this option is 100% free and requires no investment in land).

To try out Spaces, simply login to your free account at and click the new ‘Spaces’ tab.

There are some subtle differences when building in private Spaces. You won’t be able to see any other players, there is no scripting option and you won’t be able to explore other peoples designs, and they can’t explore yours, without a direct URL link.

Furthermore, it is not currently possible to directly transfer your build from Spaces into the main Cryptovoxels world, however, this will be an option in the future.


The sheer simplicity of the Cryptovoxels building suite is a big selling point in itself, so it is surprising that this hasn’t been launched earlier. Nevertheless, private Spaces will now likely act as a gateway to allowing new creative users into the community, in turn sparking extra life into Origin City and her surrounding islands.

We encourage everyone who doesn’t already own land in Cryptovoxels to try out the builder tools in their own private Space. They are super intuitive, visually effective and fun to use.

For more information or to try out the tools CLICK HERE.

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