Cryptovoxels Metalympics – Let The Games Begin!

An Olympic Games style festival in the metaverse? Hell yeah!  Sewn from the small seed of an idea raised by the Cryptovoxels community, tonight will be the opening ceremony of the Metalympics, a 3 month long event and the handy work of the innovative team over at Token Smart.

The Venue & Schedule

Metalympics Park has been expertly designed and crafted by Voxel Architects for several months now. Spanning over several land parcels, it sits just on the outskirts of the Te Aro and Gangnam districts in Cryptovoxels. You can visit the venue here >> https://www.cryptovoxels.com/play?coords=W@348E,-1U,356N

The games are scheduled to start today (Nov 5th) at 8pm UTC, and from then on will run on a weekly basis, starting just after the weekly WIP meetings which have exploded in popularity over recent months.

metalympics location

The Facilities & Events

Some of the facilities on display are the Whale Tank pool, a running track, an all-seater stadium and heaps of shops displaying their fancy branded wearables.

Sports activities, puzzles, mazes, battles, and obstacle courses are just a few of the activities in which visitors will compete to get their hands on some of the top prizes on offer. The thought of watching 100+ mannequins battle their way through a voxel obstacle course is probably the only thing that will drag a genuine smile out of your face in 2020, so make sure you don’t miss it!

Final Thought

After the huge summer success of the Moonshot Soccer Tournament in Decentraland, it is now the turn of Cryptovoxels to help demonstrate just how much fun the metaverse can be.

This is also a great opportunity for some of the upcoming NFT brands, shops and sponsors to garner more interest in their respective projects, something that DCL Plazas would have been available to help out and take part in, but presumably the invite got lost in the mail. xD

Nevertheless, the Metalympics promises to inject a dynamic and fresh gaming element into the Cryptovoxels WIP events, which can only help grow the core community as it appeals to a broader group of people.

Let the games begin!

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