Islands, Towers & Little X – Cryptovoxels is Expanding

Following the fantastic growth and success of Origin City over the last 2 years, it would be a mistake not to put plans in place to help the platform evolve from beyond its roots. Several weeks ago, newly minted land parcels in Origin City sold out, so, what next for Cryptovoxels?

The Expansion

Recently, several Islands have started to appear out at sea, visible in the distance from the outskirts of the city, in what can only be described as the worlds first digital land reclamation. There is no need for large, diesel chugging industrial equipment, or a random volcano creating new land from beneath the surface, just a few lines of code and the job is done.

More Info

The new Islands will be connected to Origin City by way of bridges, making it easy access for all. Alternatively, you can strap on some invisible wings (by pressing F on your keyboard) and fly on over.

With the introduction of islands, we have also seen investments in tower blocks appear for the first time. These towers soar into the sky, each made up of many smaller ‘land’ spread out over various floors, and sold individually.

One of the aims of expanding Origin City into is to offer more affordable areas to build, with the hope of attracting more builders to the platform. The goal is 10k builders.

The First Islands

Proxima Island
Size: 92 Land

The first ever island to be unearthed is named Proxima. It is located around 630 meters off the coast of Origin City, and is dominated by Proxima tower, with a few individual land parcels scattered around. The sale of these new opportunities started in early May, and quickly sold out to keen investors waiting to buy their own little piece of history.

The average price for a plot inside Proxima tower was in the region of 1.7 ETH, considerably more affordable than a small piece of land in Origin City.

TIP: If you want to know the live price of ETH in other currencies, then the Crypto Calculator in the header website will give you live conversions to USD $ as well as many other currencies.

Ceres Island
Island Size: 94 Land

The Dutch auction for new land on the second island, Ceres, started, and ended, yesterday. In fact, with prices as low as 1 – 1.2 ETH, it sold out faster than toilet roll during lockdown. Demand is high.

Ceres is around 600 meters away from Origin City and is made up of 2 smaller towers, with a few other land parcels close by. What is also close by is….

Little Ceres (aka Little X)
Island Size: 1

Ever wanted to own your own private Island, just like Richard Branson? Well, now you can. The only parcel not to sell yesterday was Little Ceres, which is being sold to highest bidder in a traditional style auction. At the time of writing, the current highest bid stands at 6 ETH There are still 2 days remaining, so if you’re reading this article prior to 23rd May 2020, then you too can make a bid here.

LittleCeres is 256m², with a build height of 10 meters.

Community Note

This is the start of what will now be ongoing coverage of Cryptovoxels by DCLPlazas. We encourage you to read more about us, and hope that the community will get behind us as we continue to produce more articles. The ultimate aim is to help grow Cryptovoxels, and other virtual blockchain worlds, by spreading the word to new communities, developers and investors. Let’s grow the metaverse, together.

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