A Little Spot of Paradise on an Island Far Far Away… in Cryptovoxels

Are you craving a little ‘me’ time? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to be part of a small island community in the middle of nowhere, as far away as possible from the crowds, casually plucking coconuts from the palms whilst only wearing the clothes mother nature gave you? Fear not, the solution is here now that CryptoVoxels has created a perfect little spot in paradise for you.

As the name itself suggests, “Far Far Away” island is very…far away. Some Twitter users dropped their own ideas of what they would use it for, such as putting up a lighthouse or having an Ironman swimming competition in CryptoVoxels, where 100 avatars in swimming suits race each other from Far Far Away to Genesis, “with a raging commentator in the background shouting the who is who names of the crypto scene.” Now that is one exciting idea, and NFT Plazas would be happy to sponsor the event if it ever materializes!

Take a look below at how far away the island is from everything else, 6,942.0 from west of Origin to be exact. 

CryptoVoxels has also released new guidelines on the Wiki about what is required in order to get your own island designs minted. Although it’s not clear yet how the ownership/sales/minting process will work, the team is making tools available so creators can start experimenting with islands, and is considering how the process might work. Read more about the island submission guidelines here. 

Far Far Away parcels are also up for auction, with a starting price of 0.5 ETH. Bid on a parcel here

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