Cryptovoxels Experiments with XBox

Why has nobody thought of this before? Everyday tens of millions of people around the world fire up their XBox, Playstation or Nintendo and settle in for gaming sessions, which usually last longer than most care to remember.

That leaves the question, why shouldn’t virtual blockchain worlds be available on gaming consoles?

The ever innovative Cryptovoxels team is once again the first to push the boundaries of what is possible. Recently, a video was released of head developer Ben Nolan playing with the possibilities of exploring Cryptovoxels… on an XBox One.

Although console gaming has various differences compared to PC gaming, when all is said and done, they are the same thing: a vehicle to enter fantasy worlds.


Nothing official has been released to say that this is an avenue that Cryptovoxels is going to explore further, at least for now. However, if a free app were available on the XBox app store, it would certainly expose a whole new audience to blockchain gaming, probably without anybody even knowing they were playing with blockchain technology and NFT’s.

For new users taking an interest in Cryptovoxels on a gaming console, the next inevitable step is to find out more by visiting the website and researching online, which will only spark more curiosity, and before you know it there is a new crowd of users all eager to build businesses and scenes in-world, leading to the growth of the Cryptovoxels platform, and maybe even buying other gaming related NFT’s to help grow the industry as a whole. This is how mainstream adoption finds its place amongst gamers.


For some people, console gaming is just easier. Arguably, it is easier to control certain aspects of games using a handheld controller. Not only that, as in-world gaming develops, it might even become necessary to have a controller to really experience some of the more complex games, which are likely just a few years away.


Whilst PC will probably always be the preferred platform from which to develop, having a broader vision is key if Cryptovoxels is to grow and fulfil its true potential.

The desire to have an app in all app store is there, but the stark realisation of the shear amount of coding involved (and developer costs) is probably a daunting one for any project.

What do you think? Is it a good use of time and investment to expand into apps for Gaming Consoles?

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