New Record Number of CryptoSkulls Collectors

One of the most established and original NFT projects, CryptoSkulls, now officially has over 700 collectors. CryptoSkulls was started in 2019 when there were only about 40 projects available on OpenSea. Imagine that – only 40! 

There are a total of 10,000 CryptoSkulls collectibles, and they can be purchased either on OpenSea or Rarible. Each CryptoSkull character is a unique pixel art image with Uniqueness Index property. These properties show total rareness of all image features, and CryptoSkulls with rarer features have less Uniqueness Index. There are also 10 CryptoSkulls called ‘Skull Lords.” They are extremely unique with an Uniqueness Index of 1. 

Always thinking on their artistic toes, the project leads have also recently integrated with Polygon so you can transfer your CryptoSkulls back and forth between the Ethereum and Polygon networks. You can use the following link to transfer your skulls. 

According to data gathered by cryptohydrate.eth, the yearly sales volume of CryptoSkulls keeps rising, and skulls with bone backgrounds are the highest in demand. This also means that the floor prices are going up. Is now the time to invest in CryptoSkulls? Only you can decide.

The CryptoSkulls team is also busy developing a crypto game where you will be able to use your CryptoSkulls tokens. The uniqueness of the collectible token will affect the uniqueness of the player. To find out more about how you can contribute to the development and promotion of the game, click here.

Image credit: via CryptoSkulls &

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