CryptoPunks Exhibition on Billboards Across Miami

Miami is fast becoming the city of crypto. Last month Mayor Francis Suarez of Miami announced that he wants municipal workers to be paid in Bitcoin, accept tax payments in Bitcoin, and invest city funds in the cryptocurrency. Today, something equally as exciting is happening. 

SaveArtSpace along with gmoney are hosting a CryptoPunk exhibition called ‘Pixelated.’ But it’s not your average art show in a gallery, it’s something even better. A total of 96 CryptoPunks will be displayed on billboards and bus shelters around Miami for one month, helping bridge the gap between digital and real life appreciation of digital art.

The team from SaveArtSpace explained that “Pixelated showcases the individuality and creativity of the human spirit in the face of an uncertain future. That our digital identities don’t have to be cold and robotic, but rather can still have that human element of love and creativity.”

The exhibition will launch on Monday, April 12, 2021. There will be 65 public art installations for each work on bus shelter and billboard ad spaces in Miami and Miami Beach. There will also be a pop-up exhibition in partnership with Blackdove which will be mounted at 69 East 41st St. Miami, Fl on Thursday April 15th, with a reception set for 7-9p.

Read the full announcement here, and if you’re in Miami, join the competition and stand a chance to redeem a public art NFT. This is one of the most innovative projects so far in the NFT space and there is no telling what will happen next.

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