CryptoNom and Monster Tribe Team Up

CryptoNom is bringing a fresh new take to its game by teaming up with Monster Tribe. CryptoNom is a free-to-play exploration-focused, turn-based RPG featuring unique creatures, called NOMs, that can be captured, leveled-up, and traded on the Ethereum blockchain, and all powered by the Enjin platform.

Monster Tribe (not a blockchain-based game) brings exploration, strategy and battle together in one grand challenge, where players have to fight their way through the vast, untamed wilderness of Akama. The two games combined will bring cameos of each project’s monsters in the other game.

CryptoNom will introduce Monster Tribe’s ‘Baiyava’, a fire-based NOM that exists in both the CryptoNom and Monster Tribe worlds. Baiyava will be available in two formats, the first edition NFT will have a max supply of 100, and the Infinite NFT will have an unlimited supply. In Monster Tribe, Cryptonom’s ‘Celostial’ will be available to capture and play with as a non-blockchain asset.

The CryptoNom first edition Baiyava NFTs will go on sale for $100 USD (available to purchase with ETH and ENJ) on May 5th. Only 90 will be up for sale with a limited purchase of 5 per order, the remaining 10 will go to projects for giveaways and contests. The Infinite Baiyava NFTs can be caught in-game upon full release of CryptoNom. 

CryptoNom is also including a copy of the Monster Tribe (Steam Key/Nintendo Switch code) game once released for all the buyers of CryptoNom first edition Baiyava NFTs.

Read the full details here, and follow CryptoNom on Twitter for the latest updates on the NFT sale. 

Image credit: via CryptoNom

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