World’s First Virtual Reality NFT Car Race in Somnium

Do you own an Abyssus Somnium edition NFT car? If you do, then get your vehicle well oiled for the world’s first-ever virtual reality NFT car race! If you don’t own one, then get your spectator’s goggles on. The event is to celebrate the launch of CryptoMotors VR edition Abyssus cars in Somnium.

The NFT car race is taking place this Friday, April 23rd at 1PM EST exclusively inside Somnium’s Old Harbour Town. The event will be in real time, with spatial sound, and available in both first and third person VR views as well as in non-VR mode. It’s very simple to participate in the event, simply place the NFT Abyssus on your parcel, and drive it to the city centre to start racing with others. 

CryptoMotors recently released five special edition Abyssus cards for users to enjoy in the new SomniumV2 VR world. The cars have an aerodynamic shape to reach the highest speeds in straight lines, and to smoothly handle hard curves and sharp turns. And now is the time to see these epic cars shine on the track.

Ready, Set, Go!

Image credit: via Artific

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