Cryptokickers Shoe Building Platform is on the Way

Digital shoemakers the “Cryptokickers” have announced an up-and-coming footwear creation platform. Shoe-lovers will soon have the ability to create, customise, mint and sell their own voxel feet embellishments. Then, looking sharp in their customised inventions, display them in the digital space.

Digital adornments are all the rage at the moment, with shoes selling for as much as $10,000 and one collection selling for $3.1 million. What better then, than for individuals to save their dinero make their own creations.

Concerned by high gas prices and the complexity of creating NFTs, Cryptokickers have decided to take things into their own hands. What they intend, is to create a one stop shop to build voxel footwear, eliminating all of the traditional setbacks linked with the process. “Footwear for the new world” as they put it.

As well as the footwear creation suite, Cryptokickers also run a shoe-centric NFT marketplace specialising in voxelated footwear, running on the Solana blockchain to keep gas prices low. Additionally, they have a close partnership with Cryptovoxels, so purchases are compatible with the metaverse. Check the website for details.

Visit the Cryptokickers showroom in Cryptovoxels >> Here

Visit the Cryptokickers marketplace >> Here

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Image credit via: Cryptokickers

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