CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with SpacedPainter

Welcome to CryptoArt Sundays, our special column where we showcase both emerging and established artists. This week we have a very special guest, someone who is well-known in the CryptoArt scene for their unbelievably epic cinematic immersive VR NFTs and AR 3D fractals – SpacedPainter.

What I find most interesting about SpacedPainter’s art (identity is undisclosed) is how each artwork expresses both the Light and Dark elements of our psyche, and how they mysteriously capture the duality intrinsic to the nature of reality, perfectly illustrating Yin and Yang, the dance of all opposites, the constant Creation and Destruction of existence.

It was a real pleasure to interview SpacedPainter and get such insightful answers about how they got started in the NFT space, what makes an artist successful in the CryptoArt scene, and how mystical experiences and psychedelics have contributed to their inspiration and mind-blowing creations.

Thank you so much to SpacedPainter for this truthful and emotional interview, now let’s dive in!

How did you find out about the NFT space? 

I was already interested in blockchain for a long time and eventually started looking more seriously into NFTs somewhere in 2019. I was since 2012 a Visionary Multidisciplinary Artist using a number of mediums and had by then been fully digital for several years (ie 3D/4D Fractal Art, AI, motion Effects etc). I had recently started creating VR Art which Knownorigin was keenly following on my socials, so they invited me to join the platform which I did at the end of 2019 leading to my iconic genesis NFT “INCEPTUS” being minted early 2020. I was immediately blown away to have this piece recognized as a game changer that showed the potential of VR + NFTs and paved the way to many artists who shared with me how they were inspired by my work to fall into the rabbit hole and begin their own journey in this space.

What makes an artist successful in the CryptoArt scene?

I would say there isn’t a magic formula, completely different paths will work for different people but for any artist (in NFTs or not) a foundation of hard work, dedication, consistency and above all having passion and a vision of who you are and where you’re going along with community building will start opening doors sooner or later.

For me this translates into going all in into creating the best work I can and continuously grow as an artist while I simultaneously lift my peers who I’m grateful to share this journey with.

Another crucial point that applies to Cryptoart as well as to any artistic endeavor in current times, is that the artist now can (and needs to) be sovereign in all aspects of their “brand” not simply the art creation aspect of what makes an artist. It’s essential that the artist is in charge of their own concept/presentation and the marketing side that comes with it, learning how to effectively execute and integrate it in creative ways with their practice. There is this notion that artists are useless as sales people or that they shouldn’t be involved with the financial side of things as if there were some sort of corruption associated with it – this doesn’t correspond to reality, no one can represent or “sell” an artist story better than oneself and the artist should be in charge of all important decisions in their career IMO, seeing that the job of an artist is at its core being oneself.

Also depends what you define as “success”. To me the deepest and most fulfilling meaning of success is having a community of individuals who appreciate my work and are there to support me in whichever way they want or are able to. There is no price to having someone being touched by my art, something I pour my heart and soul into, regardless of whether or not these supporters have the financial means or inclination to become patrons. It’s my absolute honour and privilege to have someone else dive into something I’ve created and have their own experience through it. My success stems always from this appreciation, having someone get my work and discover something new for themselves, that’s my main goal and reason I do what I do.

Of course sales allow me to earn a living doing what I love and to have pretty much all my time and head space dedicated to doing it more and better as well as a meaningful earning opportunity to finance expensive hardware etc. However to me there’s a much deeper meaning in this exchange between artist and collector. The money paid represents a value-based interaction where someone says “I love your art so much I want to own it and am happy to pay for the skill, talent, experiences, tools, time etc you’ve put into it so you can earn a living through your craft and create more”. I’m also a keen NFT collector and as such my purchases say exactly this. I see myself connected to the artist and their piece through this NFT exchange that will be forever recorded in the blockchain, as well as a true human connection to be fostered in the long term as I endeavour to support their artistic journey.

Where do you get inspiration from? 

I’m inspired by all kinds of teachers be it people, schools of thought or my own personal experiences both moments of awe as well as the struggles of life, beauty in nature, the human condition and behaviour, religion, mythology, philosophy, the multitude of different cultures and lifestyles, technology, sci-fi, the future as much as the ancient, and of course the mystical experience namely through entheogenics which are of utmost importance in my life.

There would be no Spaced Painter without psychedelics. And I’m not referring to creativity only, because I was always a very creative person in the most varied ways since I was a little child. I would go as far as to say I wouldn’t have made it this far on this Earth without the ever present guiding light of the entheogenic experience keeping my soul alive through the darkest times in my life. Even through years on end where I had no chance to take any psychedelics, the memory of the prior mind and heart expanding experiences I was fortunate to have through them since my teen years, were with me through my adulthood as a reminder of the unfathomable nature of our being and this universe and how the mystery of life is a gift worth surviving any pain for.

Furthermore, and ending my answer on a lighter note, I’m tremendously inspired by this unbelievable NFT Community that never stops to amaze me on a daily basis! I can honestly say that everyone’s creations and support are a source of not only inspiration but mean so much more to me than what I could put into a few words.

Do you think curation will be a necessity in the future of CryptoArt?

There’s a lot to be debated on what’s “good” curation, good art or simply “art” for that matter! I think there is a place for ALL kinds of artistic expression and platform approaches both curated and non curated. As an artist I’m on all major Ethereum platforms from the most open and decentralised Rarible to the ever more exclusive NiftyGateway. As an NFT collector I equally buy across all these varied outlets. To my eyes they’re all great in fulfilling different purposes and experiences (ie different formats for different ways of creating and sharing art for a variety of audiences) for both artists and collectors and I’m thankful they all exist as options people can experiment with and choose from. This is Crypto after all so freedom and personal choice is very important and an integral part of what the blockchain is all about.

Do you think NFTs are changing the way we see and value art?

I know 100% NFTs have already changed the way we see and value art and have already changed the lives of countless artists including mine.

Personally, before NFTs I was already creating art out of passion the same way I do now but with no realistic opportunity to make a living out of my art and thus be able to dedicate enough time to it. I relentlessly kept working hard on it as I believed in myself and had this this strong urge to pursue my Visionary Artist path due to visions that “nag me” until I materialise them, a process that I have also found to be also very healing, but I could hardly dream that one day I could realistically have the privilege of becoming a full time artist making a living through my artwork. However, from the moment I joined NFTs, this became almost immediately a reality.

I am grateful daily to this incredible community that has made this possible for me – every single person who has somehow supported my journey be it by helping me share my art, sending me beautiful messages of appreciation or bought one of my NFTs – their support has undoubtedly changed not only how my art is perceived and valued but also completely changed my life into something infinitely better. I can honestly say that I have what is for me the best “job” in the world. I am completely free to create external experiences of my inner world and amazing collectors who pay good money for it allowing me to keep growing as a creator (THANK YOU). I mean.. WOW. Never before in my life I thought this could actually become a reality, not to mention that the reality goes in so many ways even much further than what I could ever conceive from that other side of the mirror before crossing into NFT(Wonder)Land. Not only am I able to make a living as a fulfilled liberated artist, I have also found incredible artists and projects that inspire and widen my world on a daily basis and gained real friendships through this beautiful process of sharing and supporting each other’s work in this incredible NFT Community.

Plus, unique NFT tech is widening the very meaning and ways of creating and experiencing art, the sky really is the limit!

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a number of VERY exciting projects! 😀 You can expect my next drops to keep pushing the envelope as I continue to expand my tools and skillset to bring you ever more developed Cinematic Immersive VR pieces in my usual VR storytelling style. New pioneering formats to experience my art are also coming in ways never before seen 😀

In terms of collaborative work there are new collabs with Cryptospectr in the works (so you know you can expect epicness!). Other pieces I’m working on are somewhat different from my usual, namely unexpected collabs exploring new themes and refreshing styles mix with talented artists I’m having the pleasure to work with for the first time.

I’m currently going through a very experimental super fun phase, I’ve been feeling so inspired (and liberated) by the incredible work my Cryptoart buddies are doing namely in the realm of audio NFTs, a rabbit hole I’ve been progressively falling into more and more over time. One of the projects I must mention is my recent involvement with the Cipher Collectible Hiphop project and the creation of my first ever song “The ETH Cookie Rap” that I’ve written about my Cryptoart journey and the NFT community and performed live with my robotic voicemod (did I say I’m having a lot of FUN? :D). This is only one of the new ways I’m starting to express myself artistically as Spaced Painter – I can’t wait to share with you all that is coming!

There will be lots more Spaced to experience and discover this year, stay tuned fam 🙂 As always thank you so much for sharing this journey with me it means the world to me, much love.

Which CryptoArt platforms can fans buy your work on?

My Cinematic Immersive VR NFTs are currently sold out on KnownOrigin and SuperRare, only my recent “Spaced Mythos” Collection on Nifty Gateway has a few editions available in the secondary market.

My vintage 3D/4D Fractal Art pieces and some of my AI (GAN) work can be found on my MakersPlace profile.

I also have a variety of more affordable NFTs left on Rarible (including several NFTs with an AR bonus layer that everyone can experience for free).

All other relevant links are here.

Thank you for looking and for the love fam, any questions or if you want to say hi feel free to DM me I appreciate you reaching out and treasure the beautiful heart warming messages many of you send me on a daily basis 🙂

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