CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with Kyokill

Welcome to CryptoArt Sundays everyone! This week I present you with a real superstar illustrator who’s work I am totally CRAZY about! Meet Kyokill, a Perth-based designer specializing in digital illustration, album art, event posters and GIF animation.

One particular word comes in mind for me when trying to describe Kyokill’s work, and that is: electrifying. There is something so exciting, exotic, trendy, captivating and well…electrifying, about his artworks. It’s the kinda art I wanna rock on a T-shirt or sweater just to look a little extra. In the artist’s own words, the artworks are filled with a sunny, palm-beach vibe, and a huge dose of retro-futuristic, violently pastel cityscapes, people and concept tech from the 70s-90s era.

So let’s dive into this super cool and informative interview, where Kyokill shares his take on CryptoArt, the NFT industry, and his creative process.

How did you find out about the NFT space, and what attracted you to create your own NFTs?

First found out about NFTs after seeing some of my favourite illustrators and artists on Instagram launching pieces on NiftyGateway and SuperRare. Guys like Mad Dog Jones, Victor Mosquera and Signal Noise were the first I recall seeing in maybe mid-late 2020. I was instantly interested in the concept and wanted to try it – put out a bit of a poll to my IG audience and had ZERO interest so kind of just didn’t go ahead with it for a while.

I started working on animated pieces of my work, which I had never done before and in Dec/Jan I naively applied to SR & NG with minimal research, thinking those were the only platforms to be on – this before I even knew what MetaMask was! After waiting a month with no answer, I decided to investigate some other platforms and finally decided to cram all the NFT/crypto learning I could into 3 days and then minted my first few pieces (which luckily sold on the first day after a bit of networking!).

That was mid-Feb and now I’ve basically been consumed by this space every single day since (much to my sleep and work productivity’s demise) – but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

How often do you create?

Pretty much everyday now that I think about it! Whether it’s for a client commission or my own work, I’m doing this for hours every night after my full-time job wraps up.

What is your creative process?

Pretty much just start with some loose concepts and mash a lot of elements together until I think of something that looks good, then draw it up. Either that or I just think of something cool, then try to chrome the hell out of it! I never really have a plan when I start with colours/composition/anything – just make it up as I go and if I’m feeling creative, that happens pretty easily most of the time luckily.

I hand draw on a surface book 3, directly on the screen in vector using Adobe Illustrator. Then depending on whether it needs extra effects or not I’ll usually take it into photoshop to achieve that. Any animation I take those ai or psd files directly into After Effects and do all the animation in there.

Are there any CryptoArtists you would love to collaborate with?

Probably any of those above I mentioned who I’ve admired as artists/illustrators for years now. Mad Dog Jones, Musketon, Victor Mosquera, Signal Noise, Dave Arcade etc. Plus a heap of folks who are KILLING it in this space like Neon Wasteland, Iannocent, Brian Morris, Luke and Destroy, Sutu – I could go on for hours tbh..

What do you think the future of CryptoArt will look like?

A lot more AR/VR compatibility, digital artwork being displayed in more physical galleries, physical world benefits to owning digital artwork/tokens/memberships, gaming synergies and a hugely competitive market.

In terms of communities/avatars/collections – token earnings similar to CyberKongz, earned by holding or staking pieces. Expect a LOT of meetings between NFT + DeFi very soon. All of the above will eventually bring major retail adoption and ‘CryptoArt’ will become just ‘Art’ in most people’s eyes.

What are you currently working on?

Continuing to work on my ‘NO FUTURE’ series, as well as a lot of short sharp animations for multiple edition releases. Add to that a whole range of projects I’ve been lucky to be involved with in the background and that’s basically the rest of my year full up!

Where can collectors find your work?

My single edition artworks can be found in my MakersPlace store, and multiple edition releases are now exclusively being released on KnownOrigin.

Experimental pieces sometimes make their way onto my Hic et nunc page, but otherwise you can find all of my work in one place on my Showtime page.

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