CryptoArt Sundays: Interview with CyberShakti

Did you know that there is real a divine feminine energy of the blockchain? If you’ve been following the female CryptoArt scene for a good while now, you will know who she is – Cyber Shakti.

I had the pleasure of interviewing this incredibly skilled and multifaceted artist. Just a quick glance at her MakersPlace profile will show you she is not someone who sticks to being an artist in one box. Her creations span from “Glitch Art” and “Mix Media Collages” to “Photo Art” and “Self Portraits.”

Cyber Shakti is a multidisciplinary artist from India with a degree in creative communications. She has exhibited her photography and glitch artworks in galleries across Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Goa, and recently took part at FU: BAR, the world’s biggest glitch art festival.

And just in case you thought she isn’t already doing all the millions of things that creatives do, she is also a marketing manager and teaches arts to children in her spare time.

So let’s find out what her brilliant mind is currently working on and how she navigates the CryptoArt scene.

How did you find out about the NFT space, and what attracted you to create your own NFTs?

It was serendipity!

I was looking for a platform that valued the kind of digital Glitch Art aesthetic I have. They say what you seek is seeking you. Discovered Glitch Art over a conversation in my glitch art community discord.

The journey has been surreal. I’d joined around the time when ETH was well under $300 dollars. This space has evolved at lightening speed in a very short time. I’ve had the pleasure of making a small name & base here. It’s been a coming onto my own. I’ve been paying my dues, putting in the hours, just manifesting opportunities with a strong belief in my art and here we are 😊  

It’s part luck, part community, part confidence of collectors & investor in me – but mainly just being consistently ready a with style & a body of work when the opportunities do keep coming by.

How often do you create?

Every day! 

It’s commitment & discipline are important. It helps that art is how I express, how I unwind, how I communicate. There is a certain joy in creating and making visual experiments. 

For me art is playtime! I recreate my own world with my sensory experience, almost like infusing parts of me, my shakti into pixels and bringing them to life in a way I want to. 

Where do you get inspiration from?

My inner voice!

I observe the world, pop culture, magazines, relationships, music and conversations around me & filter out my thoughts till I find exactly how I think or feel about it – then I give it life through my art. My energy is very much present, and my art is an open book to anyone who connects with it. I tend to make very evocative art that makes the people “feel”. 

What makes an artist successful in the CryptoArt scene?

Individuality, hands down. There is no room at the top for the unoriginal. Bring your own style and personality. Community & connections are just as important. At a time when the entire world is a big screen, it’s important to remember we’re still interacting with people, and the ones who effortlessly bring themselves to the table not only get noticed, but 

Are there any CryptoArtists you would love to collaborate with? 

Frankynines, Stellabelle, LuluxxxSabet, Gabe Weis and Xcopy because I love glitch art. 

What are you currently working on?

I am on a high right now! I am in the groove making visual experiments – blending fine art, glitch, illustration and high fashion. My recent works like “Haute Couture Glitch”, “Conde Nasty” & “Not buying your BS again” are hot takes on the glamour and high fashion. Its sensuality meets futuristic vibe. I’m brewing my own visual perfume, so to speak. 

I’m also working on photography X Glitch art a series called “Streets of Bombay” and “Colors of India” using portraits I’ve of Indian tribes and their ethic attire to bring authentic Indian life and culture visuals to the blockchain.

I am exhibiting at CADAF Online Art Fair, 2021. I’m also participating in Crypto Art Week Asia (CAWA).

Where can collectors buy your work?

Check out my LinkTree to make life easy!

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