Biggest CryptoArt Show in Decentraland Today

The world’s largest CryptoArt exhibition is happening today in Decentraland, so make sure to jot down this epic event on your to-do list! 

Graffiti Queens Street Art Show is bringing the exclusive artworks of over 200 artists, including punk-rebel-feminist collective Pussy Riot. The collections in the show are curated by CryptoYuna and feature female CryptoArtists only. CryptoYuna is a real OG in the CryptoArt scene, and works in various mediums and styles from oil paintings to animation.

CryptoYuna started the Graffiti Queens Collection on KnownOrigin with GraffitiKINGS. The collection highlights the artworks of female artists in the CryptoArt scene. CryptoYuna is also part of WOCA (Women of Crypto Art), an initiative which welcomes and supports female artists from all over the world.

The event starts at 8PM UTC and ends at 11PM UTC. It is taking place at Vegas City Skate Park in Decentraland, plus a satellite exhibition in the Polygon Building (coordinates 59,16) and an After Show Party at BBC Studios with live music from GK Radio. 

Access the event over here, and let’s show some support for all the talented women who make the CryptoArt world even better!

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