CryptoArt Exhibition Sparkles on the Somnium Space Skyline

This weekend saw Somnium Space host its first CryptoArt exhibition…and it did not disappoint. On the backdrop of the night sky, an eager crowd gathered at Somnium Waypoint (the main hub located in the center Somnium Space map) all keen to meet and mingle with other users before getting their first glimpse of the art exhibition that lay in wait.

Spearheaded by CEO Artur, everyone was made to feel welcome upon arrival, including the viewers on the official live Twitch stream. The first notable point of difference to other virtual blockchain worlds, apart from it being dark, is that there was no text chat (not currently available). Instead, an assortment of conversations were flowing freely by voice chat, which added a closer, personal touch.

The Audience

Judging by some of the conversations, it was clear that there was a very diverse mixture of people in attendance, ranging from the curious Second Life regulars already familiar with this type of virtual world, to total beginners showing their friends around a whole new parallel universe. The excitement was tangible from all parties. The appeal of virtual reality and sexy graphics is definitely attracting new people into the NFT arena.

The Art….

…was incredible. There were several artists exhibiting, each with their own unique style, most of which had the option to use an augmented reality app on your mobile phone to add an extra layer to the experience of each piece.

Community member Natural Warp did a fantastic job of creating the galleries and putting the event together, which ran seamlessly for both VR and 2D visitors.

Some images of the event are below…


There are still a few fundamental things to work on for the Somnium Space team. The 2D version is not as robust as the VR experience, the avatars still have a funky walk animation (which does grow on you) and we would have loved to give you directions to quickly go and experience the galleries yourself, but there is still no easy to explain or navigate yourself to a specific location without knowing the way beforehand. Most introductions are still done via daily meetups and meet & greet.

However, it wouldn’t be fair to take anything away from what was a fabulous, community run event. It was encouraging to finally see the community start to grow from just a handful of regulars, to a more diverse and equally enthusiastic crowd. Judging by the reactions after the event, it’s likely that most will be returning, and possibly investing in their first land parcel, before too long. Somnium is on the up.

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