CryptoArt is Growing Exponentially – A Data Rundown

While some people are trying to get their heads around collectibles such as NBA Top Shots, other groups of NFT investors and collectors are more focused on the CryptoArt scene, which continues to make new records daily. The best part of this new medium for art is that now is just the beginning of something revolutionary.

The Big Picture

Monthly Crypto Art Volume

(Source CryptoArt.io; Data does not include Art sold in Rarible just the market places listed above)

Let’s briefly zoom out and analyze the market so after that, we can look through the new top 10 artists (as the rankings are changing weekly) :

  • December 2020 sales were around $8.9M, with $7.3M of that volume with Nifty Gateway.
  • January 2021 sales were around $11.8M, just a shy 25% increase in a month, with Nifty Gateway having $8.72M of that volume.
  • February 2021 sales were around $91M, approximated 771% increase in just 30 days, with Nifty Gateway having $75M of that volume of 82%.

With the data presented above, we can see a clear trend in crypto art growth and Nifty Gateway being the dominant platform, with 82% of all the sales happening in the space. And this reminds us more and more that artists are migrating to the CryptoArt world every single day.

Top Crypto Artist

Total Crypto Art Sales

(Source CryptoArt.io)

Once you start to dig deep into specific artists, you can see that every one of them is setting new and new records every day. Let’s break down a bit how they have done the during the last couple of weeks.

  1. Beeple
  2. Fewocious
    • “Afraid to Be Myself” was sold for $250k
    • Made $3.1M in her shoe drop
  3. Grimes
    • Made $5.1M in her drop
  4. Trevor Jones
    • Made $3.2M in his 5 minute open collection
  5. Mad Dog Jones
    • Made $3.9M in sales in 10 minutes
  6. Pak
    • Sold a piece today at $173,122.26
  7. Rftkstudios
    • Collab with fewocious
  8. Gregmike
    • Made $1.2M in his open collection
  9. Hackatao
    • Sold a piece two days ago for $161,658.66
  10. Micah Johnson
    • Made $1.4M in his open collection

Where is Crypto Art Heading?

To conclude, last month was significant for CryptoArt, as shown in the data provided above. We can see the trend clearly, and it’s growing day by day. We went from a 10-30% growth per month to 771% growth last month. CryptoArt and NFTs are snowballing. Let’s see what the future holds for crypto art, but it looks promising.

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