Upcoming CryptoArt Drops This Weekend – March 26-28th 2021

Welcome to the new weekly column at NFT Plazas, where every Thursday we’ll be posting about upcoming CryptoArt drops during the weekend on KnownOrigin, MakersPlace, and Nifty Gateway, keeping you up to date so you never miss another investment opportunity or that chance to own the beautiful piece of digital art you want to show off to your friends, family and fellow NFT collectors. Staying informed is key to success on many levels.

As always, some incredible artists are lined up, so let’s take a look at what’s in store for all the CryptoArt fans this weekend. So, lets get started….

KnownOrigin Drops

Who: Stu Ballinger
When: Friday 26th March 2021

Stu Ballinger is a digital artist from Horsham, Australia. His artwork is a mix of vibrant colors, smooth glows and crazy forms.



Who: Complete
When: Friday 26th March

Complete is renowned for his highly experimental digital creations using bold bright colours, aesthetically pleasing nostalgic undertones, and cryptic messages.



Who: benabstract
When: Friday 26th March

Benabstract is a South African minimalist illustrator and graphic designer. 



Who: Josha Chaplin Collection
When: Friday 26th March

Josha Chaplin is a realtime VR world designer and multidisciplinary digital artist who connects people to ulterior worlds and experiments across mediums to understand the ideas and processes of our time.



Who: Diggs
When: 27 March

Diggs is a designer inspired by classic cartoons and comics. Disconcerting creatures, sanguine women, and ludicrous poultry are among his favored muses.


MakersPlace Drops

Who: Arbin Vllasaliu
When: 26 March

Arbin Vllasaliu is a 3D artist and motion designer from Kosovo. ‘UNBOUNDED’ is a collection by Vllasliu that explores the dichotomy and intersections between consistency and change.



Who: A. L. Crego
When: Friday 26 March

A.L. Crego, a 21st century digital art revolutionary, has teamed up with a number of renowned street artists from around the world to bring his pioneering GIF art experiences from the screen to the streets and back again.



Who: BossLogic
When: Saturday 27th March

BossLogic x Francis Ngannou are releasing an NFT collection that encapsulates Ngannou’s deep African roots and his presence in the MMA world, as well as highlights Boss’ own innovative and ingenious style.


Nifty Gateway Drops

Information is not yet available on the following drops happening in the coming days.

Who: RAC X Andres Resinger
When: 26 March

Who: Sam Feldt x Zanar
When: 27 March

Who: Jose Delbo
When: 27 March

Who: OG Esports x Josh Pierce
When: 28 March

Who: Ron English
When: 28 March

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