Upcoming CryptoArt Drops This Weekend – April 9th-11th 2021

Ready to spend some money on art this weekend? Check out this weekend’s edgy lineup of artists on MakersPlace, KnownOrigin, and Nifty Gateway.

KnownOrigin Drops

Who: Mallet
When: Friday, April 9th

Mallet is a 3D Artist  mixing different techniques to achieve new world visions. 


Who: iambentthomas
When: Friday, April 9th

A UK based 3D artist who has been making art for over a decade. His work nearly always skates around the brighter end of the colour spectrum and is often inspired by dreams and human connection.


Who: TaylorCutFilms
When: Saturday, April 10th

Jordan Taylor Wright, founder of Taylor Cut Films, is a creative director and filmmaker based out of Los Angeles, California. Taylor Cut Films is a production company/creative agency specializing in music videos, commercials, films, and social media strategy.


MakersPlace Drops

Who: Mister Cartoon
When: Sunday, April 11th

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mister Cartoon was immersed in art from an early age. He began his career as a graffiti artist before branching into murals, album covers, logos, and now most famously known for his tattoos. His richly detailed, hand-rendered designs pull much of their inspiration from the Los Angeles of Cartoon’s youth.


When: Sunday, April 11th

Alexandre Farto has been interacting visually with the urban environment under the name of Vhils since his days as a prolific graffiti writer in the early 2000s. Vhils has presented his work in over 40 countries in solo and group exhibitions, site-specific art interventions and projects in various contexts.


Nifty Gateway Drops

Information is not yet available on the following drops happening in the coming days.

Who: CryptoCubes
When: Friday, 9th April

Who: Alex Grey and Allyson Grey
When: Saturday, 10th April

Who: RhymezLikeDimez
When: Saturday, 11th April

Who: Futura 2000
When: Sunday, 11th April

Who: Kid Super
When: Sunday, 11th April

Who: Flume and Jonathan Zawada
When: Sunday, 11th April

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