Upcoming CryptoArt Drops This Weekend – April 24th-26th 2021

Welcome to another weekend full of amazing artists. Here are this weekend’s must-see drops!

KnownOrigin Drops

Who: Timo Kuilder
When: Saturday, 24th April 

Debut launch of Timo Kuilder, an illustrator from Amsterdam.


MakersPlace Drops

Who: Mark McKenna
When: Friday, 23rd April

Mark McKenna is a globally acclaimed American comic artist who has been creating comic art for over three decades. McKenna is considered one of the most prolific comic artists of the 90s and is a 2012 Inkwell Hall of Fame resident who has been credited on over 1000 comic book related titles.


Who: Wannerstedt
When: Friday, 23rd April

Wannerstedt is a Swedish designer and motion artist who is widely regarded as the creator of the “Oddly Satisfying” 3D loop genre that has taken the internet by storm. His perfectly synchronized animations have a mesmerizing, meditative effect which brings a sense of relief and satisfaction to fans across the world, namely through his Instagram which is wildly popular with 615K followers and counting.


Nifty Gateway

Information is not yet available on the following drops happening in the coming days.

Who: Thankyoux
When: Friday, 23rd April

Who: Bloodpop
When: Saturday, 24th April

Who: Lushsux
When: Saturday, 24th April

Who: Buff Monster
When: Saturday, 24th April

Who: Eminem
When: Sunday, 25th April

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