Crypto Ghost Hunters Discover Apparitions in the Blockchain

In theory, the Ethereum blockchain has always existed. Out there in the ether, the components were always present, waiting for some troubled genius to decipher them. Then, in 2015, a number of brilliant programmers on the back of some tremendous engineering, rearranged these components into what we now know as the Ethereum blockchain.

With this in mind, a small band of techno-nauts have traversed the “ether-sphere,” tracking down the secret images that inhabit the Ethereum code. The “Ghosts in the Machine” so to say. These ethereal ghost-hunters, known collectively as “CryptoGhost” have developed a method of taking this rogue code and transforming it into art.

The result is a mesmerizing array of procedurally generated images. A string of letters and numbers is submitted and a representative artwork is returned. Each piece is therefore unique, and down to the interpretation of its collector.

Crypto Ghosts are currently in unlimited supply, but are available for one year only. On March 20, 2022 minting will cease and the collection completed. Once minted, the NFT will exist on chain, meaning the image is generated directly form the smart-contract. Consequently, as long as Ethereum exists, your image will also exist.

The Ghosts cost just 0.2 ETH to mint. Apparitions are summonable on the Crypto Ghost website, either via entering a “ghost key” or, alternatively commence the “infinite scroll” at the bottom of the page and browse until your heart’s content.

The code for the bewildered super-hero we found is mswtxm0lo19, and is still up for grabs.

Start Crypto Ghost hunting >> Here

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