Crypto Gem Alliance Releasing Unique, Limited-Edition NFT Gemstones

The Crypto Gem Alliance (CGA) is bringing crypto gemstones to the space. Throughout history, natural gemstones have been a symbol of power, wealth, and status. However, as many will know, extracting these natural resources have come at a cost, causing environmental destruction, conflict and high energy use.

In recent years, lab-grown diamonds have become more popular, but due to their infinite supply and lack of unique traits, they have not retained their value. The next logical and evolutionary step for precious stones is the creation NFT gems. These digital artistic representations are created from complex designs and formulas, making them scarce and finite.

CGA uses a DAO proof-of-stake model, putting minting in the hands of stone owners in a fair and predefined way. The NFT gems will be available in different sizes, shapes, and colours, and will also come with unique imperfections and distortions. The gems can weigh anywhere from a single carat to the extremely rare 100 carats. The different types will include Diamonds, Emeralds, Yellow Sapphires, Aquamarine, Rubies, and Sapphires. The 12 distinct gem cuts are Oval, Pear, Heart, Marquise, Princess, Radiant, Round, Trilliant, Cushion, Emerald, Asscher, and Baguette.

Owners of crypto gems will be able to mint (mine) more stones, determined by the number of carats the buyer has. Buyers can mine over a period of 1000 days after the main sale. Over time, the number of gems available for mining decreases, ensuring there is a finite supply.

Each NFT gem will come with a high quality GIF of the crypto gem rotating, and an interactive WebGL version of the stone. The crypto gems are also playable in 3D on your smartphone, smartwatch, and even within OpenSea.

Ownership of a gem comes with a number of membership perks, such as; free minting or airdrop to Alliance members, discount on minting or purchasing, features that directly benefit or augment the assets of Alliance members such as new uses for gems, and exclusivity.

The private pre-sale already sold more than $600,000 worth of gems. The public sale will take place on September 15th at 6PM EST and each gem will cost 0.08 ETH. The crypto gems will be sold in tiers over the course of 24 hours, with each successive batch having a decreasing minimum number of carats per gem. All stones are blindly minted and will only be revealed after the main sale has closed.

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