Have You Got a Crypto Chubby Yet?

Each week there is a new wave of excitement around a project, and the latest project taking the NFT space by storm is Crypto Chubbies. Even though the project is very new, the 10,000 cute little chubsters sold out like hot bread, and some are selling for astronomical amounts on the secondary marketplace. Just yesterday, Chubbie #0 was sold for approximately $132,614.88 (73.1745 ETH). In fact, less than two week ago Crypto Chubbies were at 0, and now they have 5011 followers, 3200 Discord members, and 2371 owners! 

Crypto Chubbies come in many different forms with many different traits, including Zombies, Apes, and Aliens like in CryptoPunks, as well Robots, Cats and Monkeys, and other endless combinations like Animal costumes, Facial expressions, Accessories like Diamond Hands and Backgrounds like Rainbows to spice up your Chubby for its own unique look.

Each Chubby is a programmatically generated 32×32 GIF enlarged to 320×320. Each one is also carefully crafted from more than six properties, and animated with five different frames at 150ms per frame. The pricing follows a bonding curve in order to reward early supporters.

The project was created by a husband-wife duo who believe in the future of crypto and NFTs. “We make NFTs while we HODL onto BTC, ETH, and ADA. Both of us love pixel art, and we both design and code.” 

The creators themselves state that each person must discern for themselves whether or not this is a good investment…so as always, be cautious with every new project and most importantly, buy that which you really love so you won’t have any regrets in the future. 

You can find out more about the project on the Crypto Chubbies website, and don’t forget, before investing, always DYOR.

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