Creature Feature Horror Movie Minted & For Sale on OpenSea

Fledgling movie producers, horror enthusiasts and collectors of art – pay attention. A fully prepped, insect themed, horror production has been minted as an NFT, and could be yours to do with as you please.

Brood X” is a thoroughly researched creature feature by San Diego producer, writer and artist Nicole Natale. A labour of love, the project was put on the back-burner for some time. Now however, it is available for fresh eyes and for a new visionary to take the reins.

The NFT comes complete with a screenplay, detailed character descriptions, shooting and location budgets, an animated trailer and much more. In fact, everything you need to make the movie a reality.

As such, not much is known about the particulars of the project, except for a title, movie poster and, trailer. Brood X however, is a reference a particularly malevolent species of Cicada. Mostly known for causing devastation in the Eastern United States and striking fear into the hearts of millions once every seventeen years.

Last seen in 2021, the next Brood X plague is due in 2038. As such, was Nicole counting on the last infestation for her movie shoot? Was she derailed by the pandemic? We may never know.

This is “a nuanced piece of art, or a fantastic opportunity for the right producer” said Natale, in a news item posted by herself.

Brood X is available on OpenSea with a reserve price of 20 ETH >> Here

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Image credit via: OpenSea

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