CrazyMummiez NFTs Have Landed with $BONES Utility Token

The Crazy Mummiez Dynasty is rising. For hundreds of thousands of years, people struggled to unravel the mystery that lies beyond the golden tombs of the pharaohs. Many of them died in their expeditions, trying to talk about things that should stay unspoken. The Mummiez remained silent, hiding under the golden masks that covered them.

Now, the Crazy Mummiez are here and there is no turning back, they have awoken to drive away the silence of the people with their deafening and frightening cry.

The CrazyMummiez Drop 

Earlier this year, an army of 10,000 Crazy Skullz NFTs were unleashed into the ecosystem to bring the shadow of death to the Earth, and they sold out in only 40 minutes. As promised, the team is back with the latest collection of 6,666 Crazy Mummiez. The drop is taking place on November 27 at 17:00 UTC, and each Mummy NFT will cost 0.1 ETH.

All CrazyMummiez are totally unique and each one is generated from over 160 possible traits. Holders will also receive full creative and commercial rights of the NFTs they own. A total of 3333 Mummies are reserved for OG holders, so for every three CrazySkullz that you are holding, you can mint one Mummy for free (plus gas fee).

The $BONES Token & Utility

Along with the launch, there are also a number of exciting and rewarding features that will be released. Holders will have the option to stake their NFTs in order to receive the native utility token $BONES. $BONES will have multiple functions in the Skullz ecosystem, including; a name change option, a description change option, access to fractionalized blue chip NFTs, $BONES raffles, voting on important decisions in the project, access to future drops, and much more.

The team will use 75% of all royalties for the CommunityVault. The money in that fund will then be used to purchase blue chip NFTs from OpenSea, which the token holders will be able to vote on. The chosen NFTs will be stocked in the CommunityVault and fractionalized with the help of fractional.art and the $BONES token.

All token holders will own part of these fractionalized NFTs, which means that you will own shards of some of the most expensive and valuable NFTs on the market. The team plans to create one of the biggest NFT vaults in the space, so being a token holder will come with plenty of big whale perks!

An Exciting Roadmap

A play-to-earn game is also part of the roadmap, and is expected to launch in Q1 of 2022. Players will be able to use their character’s skills in PVP Arena, or challenge other players in Crazy Empire fights. Holders can mix and match the Skullz and Mummiez they have in order to gain new strengths and synergies.

As promised in the previous roadmap, the CrazySkullz Decentraland Lounge has opened its gates at -73,16. Community members can now explore, chill and get to know each other in this new space. Once 25% of the Crazy Mummies NFTs have been sold, 5 ETH will be raffled for community members. Each week, there will be a raffle for 0.5 ETH with a total of 10 raffles. At 50% sales, 10 ETH will be added to the $BONES liquidity pool, which will help to begin a new chapter and get the token to become tradable on decentralized exchanges.

Finally, at 75% sales 20 ETH will be added to the Treasury Fund to purchase blue chip NFTs for fractionalization and distribution to $BONES holders. When all NFTs have been sold, 3% of the total sales will be added to the Treasury Fund.

Find out more about the team and the CrazySkullz ecosystem and Crazy Mummiez drop here.

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