#1 Cosmic Convos with Sailor Mars feat. GHØST GIRL

Welcome everyone on my journey into the NFT space. My name is Rei (aka Sailor Mars) and I’m really excited to be here. When I was asked to write a column for NFT Plazas, I didn’t have to think long about accepting this challenge. It has always been a dream of mine to write, but I’ve never gotten the chance. It felt like this was the opportunity I’ve been yearning for all along.

If you know me already from Twitter, you know that I’m all about supporting upcoming NFT artists. My goal is to become a known name in the space and use my influence to get artists the recognition they deserve. I try to connect with as many amazing people along the way and collect as many beautiful NFTs as I can. This ain’t a short story, I’m in it for the long haul!

From now on I will release weekly Cosmic Convos with artists I’ve discovered and give them the opportunity to tell their story and show off their beautiful art to my amazing readers. Since I want to give the artists plenty of attention, I think focusing on one artist at a time is enough. I have been thinking about who I wanted to converse with for my first week and it won’t disappoint you. I’m coming in with a banger!

I present to you my first Cosmic Convo with the amazing GHØST GIRL:

Rei: Lindon, I love the name GHØST GIRL! Can you tell me why and when did you come up with the name?

GHØST GIRL: A ghost girl by definition is either a girl you’ve seen briefly and continue to think about for the rest of your life; or a girl that gets mistreated and taken for granted. I changed my name after breaking up with an abusive ex. I felt like a ghost of myself after he tried to destroy everything I cared about; my physical/mental health, friendships, and my computer at the time. My alias before that was also something my ex chose for me, so at the time I changed it as a form of rebellion. I feel part of being a ghost girl is eventually realizing your worth from the aftermath. I also tend to create girls who make a lasting impact.

Rei: I see you’re also doing VJ performances. Tell me a bit more about yourself in general.

GHØST GIRL: I’ve been VJing for about 5 years. In order to get better at VJing I tried to learn a bit about all aspects of production. I ended up really liking 3D animation and DJing/producing more than I imagined I would. When I tried Zbrush for the first time I had an epiphany that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I never thought I’d feel that way so it definitely caught me by surprise.

Rei: Now let’s talk about your art. How did you start out making art? Was it always 3D animations and when did you transfer from making art to making NFTs?

GHØST GIRL: My mom said as a kid I was always in front of an easel. I started getting a bit more serious in my teens, around 11-18 I made a lot of comics. At 18 I thought I wanted to make comics professionally with watercolors, I was really inspired by qinniart. At the time I didn’t really have much of a support system and people in my life would put me down about my interest in art.

At one point I quit doing art for a year because I was in a very toxic environment and caved into the pressure. I was told all my life that my artwork would never bring me happiness. People pushed their ideas of what I should do onto me, but never supported me in what I actually wanted to do. I eventually caved in and became a dental office manager. I was miserable. Some days I would channel all my negative energy into painting when I’d get home from a bad day at work.

Eventually I was really inspired by a VJ performance at a show and I was so in awe about the VJ set that someone noticed and told me that they used a program called Resolume. I downloaded it at 2AM immediately after the show and started learning how to use it. I would just practice on my TV and eventually started doing shows. I wanted to create my own visuals. I tried 2D animation at first, but found 3D matched the aesthetic I was going for better and I enjoyed animating in 3D more than 2D.

Rei: I can see a lot of sci-fi, anime and gaming inspiration in your art. Where do you get your inspiration from to make your art specifically?

GHØST GIRL: There’s not really one specific inspiration I have for my artwork. I like melding different styles together and creating mood boards of different works I feel would elevate each other. I’m an art nerd so I’m always finding artists and usually when people try to share cool artists with me I’ve already gone through their artwork. I’ve noticed I know a lot of different aesthetic categories when I talk to people and they’ve never heard of things like pastel gore, metalheart, y2k, vapor wave, etc. I like watching anime and I’ll take scenes from animes that inspire me frame by frame and try to recreate the body/camera movements. I find cam girls and e-girls have amazing outfits and I tend to base my characters on them a lot too.

Rei: Do you have any other artists you look up to and if so, why?

GHØST GIRL: Haha, so many. I really like Camilla d’errico and Brando Chiesa, I feel they were my first inspirations. I love Furio Tedeschi, Ash Thorp, Vitaly Bulgrov, Xsullo, Fidjey_, 7bpictures, Karlifetz, etc. I tend to be easily inspired because there’s just so much amazing art in the world. On a personal level I feel I look up to artists that I talk to and they’re also genuine people. I talk to Kiba_Zero, HoboMango, JonathanPuc, Rndr_fvctry, and Sweeper3D quite a bit. All great artists and friends.

Rei: I see you’re also very busy with your project Glitch Girls that released October 23rd. Can you tell me a bit more about the project and how the idea came about starting an NFT project?

GHØST GIRL: I was thinking of doing a generative NFT project, I was looking at YouTube videos about how to code the generative algorithm and my eyes were rolling in the back of my head. I think a couple days later Camisade messaged me asking if I’d be interested in doing one with his team. I knew him and a couple people from his team from the playingarts project. It just felt right! It’s like Cam read my mind haha. Glitch Girls currently has a supply of 6969, we are in the public minting phase. There are Light and Dark Glitch Girls, which will then be able to fuse into the Glitched and Bound collection. We are coming out with an awesome story about why this is soon, don’t want to spoil too much of it! All holders before the 7th of November or so will have the chance to get a fully animated airdrop (private sale + gas). I think my favorite part of the roadmap is that we’re donating a significant part of the project to domestic violence charities.

Rei: Do you have any specific messages that you want to convey with your art and specifically with Glitch Girls?

GHØST GIRL: I wanted Glitch Girls to be strong, sexy, and captivating. About a year ago I released a pretty lewd piece and joked about making an OnlyFans for my art. I had a close friend tell me “You don’t need to stoop down to that level for men’s attention”. My jaw just dropped, I didn’t expect that person to be so judgmental and controlling. I felt it was bold of them to assume that I’m straight and really messed up to see sex work as stooping down a level.

My artwork is one of the few places I get to feel some form of freedom and escapism; it’s really sacred to me. I don’t like it when people in my personal life try to control it like that since I’ve dealt with it so much over the years. I reflected on it and realized a lot of people think feminism is breaking women away from being feminine or sexy, but I think feminism is just allowing women to be whatever they want to be without extreme social/cultural cookie cutter expectations. I know a lot of women who find power in feeling sexy or feminine on their own terms. I tend to try and capture that in my artwork.

Rei: Lastly, do you have any specific goals you want to achieve in the NFT space?

GHØST GIRL: I got a message a few days ago where a guy sent me a photo of his six year old niece. He told me that he bought a Glitch Girl because he wants Asian American women like his niece to be better represented in the NFT community. I thought it was the most wholesome thing I have ever received. I think the goal is to make the space open and safe for people from all walks of life. I’ve dealt with a lot of sexism, racism, and homophobia my whole life, but I hope that I can make at least some difference in how future generations are treated so they don’t have to go through those hardships.

I want to use my success in the NFT space to give back to irl issues. I’m very passionate about helping other survivors of domestic violence. Through Glitch Girls we recently donated $10,000 to API Chaya which is a charity that helps survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. They specialize in helping people with language barriers and cultural differences. I helped a neighbor with a non-DV related emergency, she didn’t speak English and I had to help her call 911. I didn’t realize until that moment how difficult it must be for people who don’t speak English to get help for emergency situations. I couldn’t believe she called 911 and they didn’t help her because of the language barrier and even when I called it took them hours to get a translator for her.

Rei: How would you envision the world for the next 25 years, would this be a more utopian or dystopian future? And what place will NFTs have in this world?

GHØST GIRL: It’s really difficult to tell because technology advances exponentially. The blockchain may need to become more advanced because there might be a point where the current blockchain technology could become obsolete due to quantum computers. However, these would need to be changes in tech behind the scenes and I think the concept of NFTs and cryptocurrency will still be around. I like to imagine a future where NFTs are everywhere. It’s wild because snapchat has augmented reality glasses already. I think augmented reality will become more widely used before virtual reality is more integrated. I like to imagine a fun utopian future utilizing virtual reality. I mean I never thought there would be more fun ways to make a living 10 years ago that exist right now, so I hope myself and others feel that way 25 years down the line.

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