Collector “888” Reveals Long-Awaited, Mysterious New World Project

The popular and mystical NFT collector “888” has finally unveiled the grand project which everyone has been itching to hear the details of.

The project is named “888 The New World” and upon entering the website you are greeted with mind-blowing graphics of a golden, alluring angel flying through Earth and out into Space. In the video (below) you can watch as the angel graciously flies to electronic music in the background and rotating planets featuring the star studded names of influencers who will be taking part.

The platform has four different zones – Genesis, Innovation, Main, and Drop. Artists will progress through the zones with monthly community votes, with the Drop zone as the top spot. Drop days will also be dedicated to one artist only. The sentiment behind the zone system is that “less is more when it comes to the amount of artwork released.” This will ring true for many and seems like a step in the right direction for the CryptoArt world.

The platform is not built on the Ethereum blockchain, but instead on Flare, which will help ensure low minting fees and fast transactions. Some have already expressed their concerns about the value of the NFTs if they aren’t on the Ethereum blockchain. A fair point, but decisions have to be made, and artists and buyers have grown tired of Ethereum’s gas fees, so the most creative entrepreneurs have started to find alternative solutions.

What separates this platform from others is that it is clear that 888 is truly trying to build something in favour of the artists themselves. Anyone who has been following him will know that he is an extremely supportive member of the CryptoArt community and one of the biggest collectors of spiritual and mystical art.

Visit 888 The New World Website >> here

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Image credit: via 888 The New World

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