CoinGecko Officially Launches ‘NFT Spotlight’

CoinGecko, the world’s largest independent cryptocurrency data aggregator, has launched an ‘NFT Spotlight’ section to help usher the growth of NFTs. NFT Spotlight will feature an interview and NFT drop with creators from the NFT scene. This will give them an opportunity to connect with a wider audience from outside the NFT space. 

According to CoinGecko, NFT Spotlight was created to democratize art appreciation, help artists connect with a diverse group of audience and put NFTs into the hands of many. Even though the NFT space has seen a major boom, it is still in its early days, meaning that there are still many technical issues to be resolved such as network scalability, cross-chain minting, and high gas fees. NFT Spotlight aims to help artists address some of these gaps. 

Their first collaboration is with digital designer and CryptoArtist Sven Eberwein. Eberwein is a digital design modeler at Tesla and was the first artist to work with MEME. The drop on CoinGecko consists of three artworks designed by Eberwein which depict the studies of a gecko. 

“Gecko & Candlesticks” and “Shape Study of a Gecko” are moving visuals, and “Two deformed Geckos” feature a static image of two interacting geckos. For users who have CoinGecko Candy, they can use it to claim the artwork dropped by Sven. The legendary 1/1 “Gecko + Candlestick” is on auction on OpenSea until April 22nd, 10PM EST.

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Image credit: via CoinGecko

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