Christie’s Is Auctioning Beeple’s Digital Art

It’s only Wednesday, but perhaps this is the hottest news of the week

Christie’s, one of the most exclusive and successful auction houses, joins the NFT space by teaming up with Beeple and MakersPlace

Christie’s is the first major auction house to be offering a purely digital work of art with no accompanying physical component. They have chosen Beeple’s ‘Everydays – The First 5000 Days.’ 

Bidding will take place between February 25th and March 11th 2021. 

This event is sure to make waves for the whole art industry, and especially for digital art. CEO and co-founder of MakersPlace, Dannie Chu, says that “This historic event marks a significant inflection point for both the digital art and the fine arts industry, bridging the apparent gap in the global recognition for digital art.”

Beeple is currently the leading crypto artist with over $8 million of NFT sales. 

To celebrate this massive leap forward for the crypto art industry, MakersPlace will be hosting a “Month of Digital Art Drops.” It will be an exhibition of artworks featuring prominent digital artists from around the world. 

There’s no telling what the final price will be for this auction! Be sure to follow the latest updates on Christie’s

Photo credit: Artwork by Beeple

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