Chainmonsters To Launch Its Own Marketplace

Chainmonsters, developed by B-Side Games, is soon launching its own native marketplace and account management website. 

Chainmonsters is a new and exciting cross-platform multiplayer online game. You can catch, battle, trade and compete with digital monsters in a massive multiplayer open world experience. 

You’ll be able to pre-register for the game as well as get access to some super rare in-game NFTs from other players and participate in exclusive drops. Players will also be able to trade their Kickstarter rewards and upcoming Pre-Season NFTs with each other. 

Pre-Season NFTs can be purchased here, and they’ll only be available for acquiring in-game during Closed Alpha. 

The marketplace will be open and transparent, and powered by smart contracts running on Flow Blockchain. Both players and those who are only browsing the website will access the exact same marketplace and ecosystem. If a player puts a rare in-game item up for sale, even those who are only using the website, can buy it directly and use it for their own game experience. 

All of the Chainmonsters content is tokenized, that is; Chainmons, items, cosmetics, consumables, and even special NPCs.

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