Chainbinders Raises $5 Million in Less Than Two Hours

Chainbinders, the latest NFT product by Doki Doki DeGacha, raised over $5 million in investment in the first to two hours of its liquidity generation event. Chainbinders is a game based on a liquid NFT economy and is inspired by the popular Japanese Gachapon, where players receive random collectibles from a vending machine. The total amount raised at the end of the event exceeded $6.5 million due to the project’s high production quality, innovative game-theory mechanics, and hyper-deflationary tokenomics model.

Chainbinders is part game theory, part art collecting, part gacha, and part anime. It’s got elements of things ranging from Final Fantasy to Nier:Automata. We’re creating original IP and characters (a massive cast of 15 of them!), giving them each their own backgrounds, lore, stories, motivations, and then gamifying them on the marketplace with some clever token mechanics to make sure these NFT’s have instant liquidity and actual value,” stated Roy Blackstone, Creative Director at Doki Doki.

The Chainbinders Gacha machine is guaranteed to give users an adrenaline rush. it will feature over 100 original and limited edition NFTs ranging from characters, weapons, and artifacts from the Chainbinders universe. This includes the 15 Legendary rarity Chainbinders, each of whom has their own lore, support items, and backstories.

Read more about Chainbinders and the tokenomics model here.

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