Buy & Sell Exclusive Music on the New NOIZD NFT Platform

A new music-based NFT platform on the Ethereum blockchain is launching soon, allowing both musicians and collectors to enjoy music without any middlemen and hidden fees. The platform, called NOIZD, will allow users to buy and sell the full rights to incredible, unreleased, original music.

When a collector purchases an artist’s work, they also purchase the rights. However, creators will have full control over their music and the price they wish to sell it for. Artists are in no way obliged to sell the rights to their music, however, by doing so you are encouraging the collector to support the growth of your business and root for your success, so both sides can benefit.

Creators can also charge a higher premium on their work when selling the rights along with their music. This is not only mutually beneficial for both sides but also creates a special bond between creator and buyer as collectors are encouraged to invest in their favorite musicians.

As a buyer, you will be able to keep the tracks you have purchased either as collectibles, or sell them to streaming platforms or labels and receive royalties. As the collector who own the rights, you decide what to do!

Once the marketplace is live, the platform will also be releasing a NOIZD token which will be used for governance. Dedicated creators and buyers who use the platform before the launch of the token will receive a Token Airdrop once it is launched. Gas fees will only apply to successful sales, meaning that as a creator you can upload your files and display them on the market, but will not pay for gas until the file is minted and sold. Gas fees will be split between the buyer and seller.

Other exciting features that will be released after the initial marketplace launch include; the possibility of fractionalized NFTs and fractional rights; NOIZD playlists where NFT holders can create music playlists for others to listen to; a NOIZD swap function which allows users to swap NFTs without needing to go to auction; and the NOIZD Remix distribution feature whereby NFT holders (artists and buyers) can receive royalties by submitting their NFTs to NOIZD which then distributes them to the world’s leading streaming platforms.

The team behind NOIZD, Jason Rieff, Aidan Musnitzky, and Micah Friedland, hail from South Africa. They have an extensive background in music, blockchain, leading marketing agencies, crypto, artificial intelligence, and more. The team is focused on empowering musicians in the African music market, which represents the music industry’s problems to the extreme along with a lack of infrastructure for musicians to grow in. NOIZD aims to support musicians and provide a fair system for all creators.

Register to NOIZD >> Here

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