Join the New Blankos Program for Creators

Blankos Block Party, the free-to-play online game featuring funky vinyl toys, has just announced its new incentivized content creator partner program called ‘Blankos Creator Crew.’ The program will officially launch in May, but applications are already open. Anyone who is a streamer, video creator, artist, cosplayer, Block Party Builder, fansite creator, Discord memer, NFT Collector, or just a fan, is welcome to join. 

By joining the program, members will get incentives in return, such as digital assets to help them brand their Blankos content, special updates, and other opportunities to help grow their content channels and the awareness of the game. The Blankos team will be sharing more on the perks when the program officially launches in May.

The program is open even to those who don’t have a large following, however, for those seeking paid opportunities such as paid streaming or YouTube campaigns, there will be more specific requirements in terms of audience size, reach, and activity. 

Since the content creator program is so new, there isn’t a clear roadmap yet as to how it will evolve. But the Blankos team has stated that according to how popular the program is, they will have progression tiers, so creators’ channels and Blankos content can grow, and Blankos will also support members with additional perks along the way. 

Click here to find out more about the Blankos Creator Crew program, and apply to be a creator over here

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