Blankos Block Party Will Soon Have Its Own Marketplace

Mythical Games, a next-generation technology studio creating universal gaming ecosystems around playable NFTs, announced the launch of the alpha version marketplace for its Blankos Block Party video game will take place next month. Once the marketplace has been launched, players will be able to buy and sell Blankos between each other either in USD or ETH. This will allow players to unlock the value of monetary, rarity, and time-based investments.

Rolling out the Mythical Marketplace is the next big step for us toward creating true player-owned economies in games,” said John Linden, CEO and co-founder of Mythical Games. “With the recent boom of NFTs and digital assets in pop culture, we’re happy to be at the forefront of introducing these concepts to AAA games and leading the way to new sources of revenue and value creation for players and creators.”

Because the game already has several thousand loyal players, Linden believes that Blankos Block Party is at the forefront of popularizing mass adoption of ownership in games. The game also makes it easy for newcomers to use NFTs via its cute characters and simple market. View the brief marketplace update from the team below.

Three new executives have also joined the Mythical team to help develop a cutting-edge ecosystem and marketplace which will use intelligence tools to help players understand the value of their items. 

The marketplace will be rolled out as a beta in early summer.

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