Bitcoin Origins Second Drop on $MEME

It’s that time again – time to stake your $MEME and earn exclusive MEME-themed Bitcoin Origins NFTs.

Bitcoin Origins is an exclusive collection of digital collectible cards immortalizing the most significant moments in Bitcoin’s history. The collection consists of three series with five moments in each series, so a total of 15 Moments. The artworks have been created by some of the world’s most talented artists. 

For the release of Moment 4, called ‘Pizza Day,’ Bitcoin Origins will be dropping new, unique meme-themed NFTs which are ready to farm from March 12th. You need to lock up 5 $MEME tokens in the BTCO pool. Once you earn enough points, you can mint brand-new, exclusive MEME x BTCO NFTs. Moment 4 represents the first time Bitcoin was used in a real-world transaction where 10,000 BTC was spent on two pizzas.

Bitcoin Origin

For the drop, Bitcoin Origins has created four new NFTs in the MEME collab. Three of the mintable NFTs have a special MEME twist to them, and one of them is a special 1 of 1 MEME-themed Pizza Day card that will only be available at the MEME auction. 

So get your pineapples ready to go with your pizza, and stay tuned for the release of Moment 5 here.  

Image credit: via MEME and Bitcoin Origin

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