Bitcoin Billionaire Chamath Joins the NFT Craze

And another prominent business figure joins the NFT craze! 

In the past few weeks we’ve seen celebrities such Lindsay Lohan, Paul Logan and Mark Cuban joining the space. Bitcoin Billionaire and Social Capital CEO, Chamath Palihapitiya, also announced his loyalty to the NFT space. 

In a Bloomberg interview on Friday February 12th, Chamath revealed that NFTs are the next frontier of cryptocurrencies. In the interview, Chamath was asked what other cryptocurrency he holds other than Bitcoin, and he announced that he is building a “a fairly sizable portfolio” of NFTs.

His portfolio includes crypto art pieces and virtual trading cards. He believes that NFTs are the next big thing for the cryptocurrency industry, and “that this is the next frontier of digital assets.” His company, Social Capital, is planning to publicise its NFT holdings soon so they can be transparent and visible to the crypto community.

Chamath is well-known in the cryptocurrency world as an early Bitcoin investor who purchased many Bitcoins in 2013 when they were only $80 per coin. He firmly believes that there is a financial revolution happening right now, and that Bitcoin will replace gold while stablecoins will replace the US dollar. 

Watch the full interview here.

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