Billionaire Mark Cuban Made $90,000 in 22 Minutes

Mark Cuban, the popular Shark Tank celebrity and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, sold a number of editions of a personalised, tokenized video. He sold them on Rarible for a total of $90,000 and in only 22 minutes, becoming the number one seller of the day on Rarible. The NFT video shout outs were bought in bulk and immediately listed for sale at 5X. 

Mark Cuban joined the NFT space a few weeks ago, and since then he’s been stirring the pot with some interesting posts and massive sales. His first NFT piece featured him wearing a Dallas Mavericks shirt and it was released in an edition of 10.  The listed price of each piece was 0.02 ETH, several editions were then sold of 7.5 and 11 ETH. The highest bidder bought two editions for 30 and 35 ETH, and shortly after burned one of them. 

Mark also sold one of his tweets as an NFT. The tweet was purchased by the well-known collector “illestrater” for $952.52. It was minted and sold on the Valuables platform. 

Mark is a firm supporter of the NFT space and he believes that it offers many opportunities for incredible new talent to be discovered. 

In his blog post, he states that “the bottom line is that there are a growing number of investors and traders who think that the digital goods and CryptoAsset marketplaces are better than old school physical markets and the stock market and most of them are young. They love the fact that NO ONE has power over them.”

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