Big Axie Infinity Giveaway to Celebrate $1.5 Million Sale

The past month has been super bullish for the NFT space. We keep seeing record-breaking sales almost daily. Axie Infinity just recorded the highest transaction of all time for an NFT. 

An anonymous and new community member entered the scene and purchased nine Genesis land plots for 888.25 ETH, that is more than $1.5 million. 

The buyer goes by the name of ‘Flying Falcon,’ and they firmly believe in the opportunities Axie Land offers. Flying Falcon bought the Genesis land plots because “they are the rarest and best positioned lots in Axie Infinity.” Flying Falcon also stated on Twitter that “Axie Land has entertainment value, social value, and economic value in the form of future resource flows.” 

Axie Land, also known as Project K, is an upcoming game mode with gameplay loops such as building and decorating property, harvesting resources, and teaming up with friends to conquer rival kingdoms. 

To celebrate this immensely successful sale, Axie Infinity is giving away $200 AXS. To enter, retweet the giveaway Twitter post, follow Flying Falcon, and make your Twitter avatar an Axie. 

To start your own collection of Axie Land, this page has all the details to get you started. 

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