Beauty in the Streets Selling NFT Dance Moves

The blockchain platform Enjin, and performing arts company, Beauty in the Streets, have joined forces to create NFTs out of dance moves. The NFTs will represent signature dance moves from a diverse range of performers. The NFTs will be versatile in their use, and they will be available as emotes in certain video games and applications. 

The first NFT is a famous dance move by the founder of Beauty in the Streets, Cjaiilon Andrade, also known as Snap Boogie. The move is called Speedy Walkovers and it has been performed at NBA halftime shows. The NFT will of course be available to sell at online NFT marketplaces, but it will also be used in Enjin’s AltVerse game

“The Speedy Walkovers are a versatile and timeless dance move performed by Americas Got Talent finalist Snap Boogie. They can be executed in all spaces, grasping the attention of any audience. These quick, classy, and repetitive movements display agility and confidence upon the character who owns them.”

The NFT is up for auction on OpenSea and the current highest bid is 0.4 ETH ($734.83). It’s great to see new initiatives such as this one supporting creatives and expanding the use of NFTs!

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  • John
    Posted March 23, 2021 5:43 am 0Likes

    Wow! Love this, very very cool

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