New Record Floor Price for Mystic Axies

Axie Infinity keeps surprising everyone with its consistently big sales and rising popularity. The addictive game still holds the number one spot for the most expensive game NFT sale, where nine Genesis Land plots were sold for $1,500,000 in early February. 

Just yesterday, the Single Mystic Axie #684 was sold for $16360.74 (9 ETH), creating a new floor price of almost 10 ETH for Mystic Axies. You can see the stats, body parts, and abilities of this Axie over here

Axie Infinity is taking top positions in the sales charts with other large sales such as the $130,000 sale of ‘Angel,’ $97,000 sale of ‘Axia,’ and $96,000 sale of ‘Sir Gregory.’ Not only that, but the game continues to see an expanding community of players, largely due to how easy and accessible it is to play on mobile, a feature which is underdeveloped for many other NFT projects at the moment. 

This year will certainly be a significant one for Axie Infinity as we get closer to mass adoption of NFTs and blockchain gaming.

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