Axie Infinity Documentary Reveals Amazing Play-to-Earn Potential

A fabulous new documentary has aired outlining the plight of a Filipino community and how play-to-earn has changed their lives. The fascinating story truly sets a “how-to” example for future blockchain games.

Amid a pandemic, while unemployment is high and economies are at breaking point, one particularly hard-hit city in the Philippines has found help from an unlikely source. Many residents of Cabanatuan City have turned to play-to-earn game “Axie Infinity” to subsidise their incomes.

Early in the pandemic, on a whim, one plucky resident gave Axie a crack. He forked out $5 USD for 3 Axie NFTs, and began to play. Within two weeks, he had earned and cashed out $20 USD. Not much to the regular reader, but a game-changer for residents of Cabantuan City. Soon, word spread and thousands of residents were in on the game.

One such person, 75-year-old Lolo Silverio, uses the money earned playing Axie to buy much needed food and medicine. Due to the pandemic, the shop he runs with his wife Lola, went from taking $50 USD to just $3 USD per day. For them and many like them, Axie Infinity has offered a lifeline.

THIS should be what NFTs are all about. Providing opportunity to the world regardless of your social background or the size of your wallet. Inclusivity is vital to the long term success of NFTs.

Correspondingly, demand for Axies has since spiraled, and new players in poverty-stricken areas are priced out of the game. As a consequence, this has led to an entrepreneurial evolution, companies such as “Axie University,” now rent out Axies to people unable to afford them.

Just remember, the next time you lose a battle in Axie Infinity, you may have just been schooled by an aspiring Filipino Axie expert.

Image credit: via Worldnomads

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