Axie Infinity Continues Rapid Growth

Even more great updates have taken place on Axie Infinity this past month. Firstly, there’s been significant progress on Battles V2 and testing has been opened up to team members and select advisors. The onboarding experience has seen massive improvements with an added social login, emojis, a completed and polished tutorial, free starter Axies, and a more clear definition of class archetypes was implemented. 

In terms of Land, there is a more defined vision of what the future of land play will look like. Long term, user-generated experiences will be a primary focus. The dev team is focusing on kingdom-building, alliances, and fighting for control of territory. Ronin Phase 1 has also been very successful. The marketplace for land and items is now open, and deposits from ETH to Ronin have been enabled. 

In addition to these amazing updates, the Axie Infinity universe has been skyrocketing despite the painful Ethereum gas fees. 

There was a massive rise in users, with a regular 20,000 daily active users. There are also now a massive 30,000 Axie holders whereas last year this time there were only about half of that. The website has seen a drastic rise in traffic, reaching 137K in 30 days. And let’s not forget the largest NFT sale of all time on February 8th when the anonymous buyer ‘Flying Falcon’ purchased a 9 plot Genesis estate for 888.25 ETH. 

Axie Infinity continue to lead the way in the NFT Gaming arena, so when will you pick up your first Axie?

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