To Axie Infinity and Beyond – A Record Sale of 369 ETH

There’s no denying that Axie Infinity has been one of the breakout stars of the 2021 blockchain gaming revolution. Now however, things are going a step further with Axie’s trading for unprecedented sums.

Earlier this month, a single Axie sold for an astronomical 369 ETH, at the time of sale that was in excess of $800,000. That’s CryptoPunks territory. The item in question was triple mystic Axie #2655, one of only 19 triple mystics released into the wild. Surprisingly however, the triple mystic is not the rarest creature out there. Somewhere in the Axie realm live three Quad Mystic Axies, the holy grail in Axie-dom.

During the initial Axie rollout in 2018, there was a 25% chance an Axie would receive a “Mystic” quality. This would manifest as a shiny hat, a fancy tail or another spectacular adornment. The more of these shiny embellishments, the rarer the Axie. Triple mystics therefore have 3 such traits adorning their fluffy bodies.

Axie Infinity has experienced overwhelming success in recent months. Over the last 30 days they have seen a total revenue of $89 million, far outpacing almost every other contender in the industry. Furthermore, this month, Axie broke new ground, reaching an enviable milestone of 500,000 unique users.

With that success, the Axie train began to falter. Servers became overburdened and users began to experience connection issues. Axie however, have come out fighting, with their devs working tirelessly to rectify the problems. Servers are being upgraded, connections reset, and dials turned up to eleven.

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