New Avatar Designs for Somnium Space

Looking for a cool avatar that will stand out while cruising through Somnium Space? Then check out these three latest releases (all female Avatars) by digital designer Fernando González.

They are González’s first set of custom avatars made specially for Somnium Space. The 3D avatars are made from scratch, sculpted, modeled and textured by hand using Blender and Photoshop. The designs are inspired by Craig McCracken’s original characters, The Powerpuff Girls. Watch the video presentation of the avatars below. 

The avatars, Blue, Button, and Bloom, are available for purchase on OpenSea, and will be up for auction until Saturday, April 10th. Each one has a different minimum reserve price. 

There is even a background story of Blue, Button and Bloom:

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like when you grow up? That happened to Bloom, Button and Blue one day and they kept thinking about it until they fell asleep in the kinder-garden, within their dreams they imagined themselves in an alternative reality, where they were already adults and could meet new friends and explore with their twin sisters. Join their adventures in this world of dreams and meet their sisters so that together they can enjoy and have fun in this new reality.”

Image credit: via Fernando González

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