Authentic $MEME Auction Coming Up

Own a piece of $MEME history! Don’t Buy $MEME will be holding an auction selling an authentic, unique 1 of 1 NFT dubbed the “The Meme Mob.” The winner of the NFT will also get the physical canvas shipped to them at the end of auction. 

Aurora is the talented artist who came up with the concept of “The Meme Mob” and created the original physical piece. The art piece which features the work of several artists, was inspired by her meeting the artists and being part of the $MEME community. Aurora hand-painted the artwork using acrylics on a 40 x 30 canvas and sealed it with satin varnish. Check out some of her funky $MEME nifties here

The auction is to celebrate the massive success of $MEME and its community since its launch in August 2020. The theme of the artwork is quite appropriate as it captures the art of the original $MEME Artist Collection and $MEME history. It features creations from RektMe Rev, Sven, Vans, BigComicArt, Jon Noorlander, Spongenuity, Diego Rodriguez, The Block Times, Jonathan Wolfe, Fewocious, and Jose Delbo.

The auction will take place for 24 hours, and it will be extended by 5 minutes if there are any last-minute bids. All the artists featured have decided to evenly split the proceeds of the auction between themselves. 

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