Async Art Raises Over $2 Million in Seed Funding

Async Art, the programmable art platform, has secured over $2 million in seed funding from a number of investors. This is a huge achievement for the NFT platform and its artists. 

Programmable art is a new movement in the digital art world. It allows creators to deconstruct their work into “Layers” and endow them with abilities. Collectors can own and alter the artworks through these Layers. 

The investors that were part of this seed round include Divergence Ventures, Galaxy Interactive, Lemniscap, Signum Growth Capital, Semantic, Blue Wire Capital, Placeholder, Collab+Currency, Inflection, and the LAO.

Async plans to use this funding to onboard more creators to the platform and develop more ways to display the ever-changing Async artworks. 

The platform has grown rapidly in the past one year. Async launched in February 2020 with only 13 artists. Now it has over 270 artists and it has already generated more than $1 million in digital art sales. 

They also created a smart TV app to display digital art. One of their NFTs, called “Block 21,” was featured by the major auction house Christie’s. 

Follow Async on Twitter for the latest updates and new developments coming up in displaying the ever-changing Async artworks. 

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