An Evening at the Zoo in Somnium Space

Two French artists going by and have combined forces to create an ephemeral zoo in Somnium Space. Featuring a menagerie of quadrupedal and avian NFT creations, the zoo is due to launch on May 14, 23:00 CEST and will be accessible via VR and PC clients.

The collection is based upon the concept of Cryptozoology, a term coined in 1959 concerning the search for mythical creatures. The project aims to create and distribute mythical beasts within the metaverse.

The “criptids” as such creatures are known, were created using a combination of AI and machine learning algorithms. Consequently, this leaves the unusual feeling of almost recognising many of the creatures on display. Despite thousands of criptids being generated, only 0.5% were selected for the exhibit.

This virtual safari contains a total of 42 animals, 22 of the winged, flying variety and the remaining 20 being land based quadrupeds. Additional sound animations for the event are supplied by Blake Hotz.

Following the dabble with Cryptozoology, all 42 criptids will be listed and auctioned on OpenSea.

The artists involved describe themselves as “interdisciplinary artists and degens based near Paris.” Going forward, the end game for the project is to create a virtual theme park in the metaverse, featuring a multitude of artistic creations.

>> You can visit the CryptoZoo event space in your browser here

Image credit: via CryptoZoo

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