Art Forger Extraordinaire to Debut First NFT Collection

Wolfgang Beltracchi is no mere mortal, he is one of the greatest art forgers the world has ever seen. And now, shunned by the traditional art world, he is about to descend on the NFT sphere. His debut collection, “The Greats,” will arrive in the coming days.

Calling Wolfgang, a “forger” is a little unfair, as he is a genuine master artist. The paintings he created are all original works, it’s just that his name wouldn’t adorn the canvas. Beltracchi would create new paintings in the style of celebrated artists, then pass them off as “rediscovered” artefacts and sold through unwitting dealers.

In a nefarious career spanning over 30 years, Wolfgang is estimated to have conned the art world out of approximately $100 Million dollars. With his crimes only catching with him in 2011, when he was imprisoned for his bullish escapade. In fact, his imitation paintings are so good that many are still floating around collections and remain unidentified.

Following his release, Wolfgang faced a ban from most auction houses, museums and galleries. As such, where would someone so maligned in the centralized art industry go to ply his trade? That’s right, the decentralized world of the blockchain knows no such discrimination.

Now a reformed man, Wolfgang is preparing to release his first NFT collection. To achieve this, he has recreated DaVinci’s masterpiece, Salvator Mundi, in the style of seven of the greatest eras in art history. An algorithm will then randomize their components to create 4608 unique works, and, a blind Dutch auction will oversee the sale, with the artworks finally revealed sometime after the drop.

So, the traditional art world shuns a fine artist, and the new era of blockchain art embraces him with open arms. And consequently, the NFT community gains one of the greatest artists alive today.

Head to the “The Greats” website for the drop >> Here

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